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Work With Me

Do you feel there is something within your heart and soul that wants to be free?

Do you feel like you are waiting for something and don’t know what?

It’s time to begin your journey to freedom, truth and bliss.

It’s time to begin the birth of a woman who is courageous, strong, free.

How Do I Work? 


Using a combination of coaching, counselling and mentoring, we will explore suppressed emotions, the pain body, conditioning, shadows and limiting beliefs as well as practices to birth your courage, your power and your light.

Our work will involve setting intentions, deep discussion, making the unconscious conscious, emotional release practices, chakra work, breath work, visualisation, journaling and more. I work intuitively so there’s no plan and no structure.

Choose from these three packages


‘I feel broken’
‘I’m stuck’
‘I have doubts and beliefs that just won’t shift’
‘I am controlled by my thoughts, emotions and my life’
‘I don’t know where to start’

Are you thriving, or surviving? Are you controlled by your thoughts and emotions, or expressing yourself freely? Do you feel trapped in doing, or are you able to live in freedom and joy?

Freedom isn’t about feeling good all the time, it’s the ability to be free to express yourself, to liberate yourself of thoughts that cause pain, free from the burden of negative emotions, the ability to release what is holding us back. Freedom is the connection to know what we need and how to live the life we desire for ourselves so that we may experience gratitude and joy and love even when we are faced by challenges that are part of our life.

It’s time to realise that you are not broken
To be inspired to release what’s holding you back
To learn how to shift your mindset and heart set from ‘I am broken’ to ‘I am free’
To begin to deeply connect with who you are so that you can express your truth’
It is here that you begin your journey and here you will be shifted into a new way of being.

I Want Freedom

‘I’m ready to take myself deeper within’

‘I’m wanting to create connection with my higher self’

‘I’m ready to live my truth and express myself authentically’

‘I’m ready to embody my power’

‘I’m wanting to learn how to be emotionally intuitive’

Birth Your Bliss Mentoring Program

Are you ready to fully experience life? To step into your power? The unleash the goddess within and to fully experience every moment of life?

Feel into everything you want for your woman – is it sensuality? Courage? Femininity? Love? Joy? Intuition? Presence? Bliss? On this journey you begin the path to transforming your divine feminine from princess into priestess to become the powerful, sensual, courageous goddess that you have within waiting to birth.

It’s time to radiate, to experience joy, to embody your essence. I invite you to live into your bliss.

This program combines the principles from the freedom, and truth packages so that you can emerge into your bliss.

I Want Bliss

‘I feel disconnected from myself and from love’
‘I am ready to take ownership of my life and create a new story’
‘I want to release what is holding me back’
‘I fam ready to dive into my soul and face the challenges so that I can grow’
‘I am ready to discover my truth’

Is there more? do you feel like you can feel more? laugh more? live more? Is your mind telling you that you are enough while your heart is screaming to live into the full depth of who you are?

Do you desire to go deep into your soul so that you can uncover and embody your truth? Here is your path to find yourself.

Uncovering your truth is a journey. First you must forget who you were taught to be so that you can birth your Tour TRUE self, your true power, your light. I invite you on a journey of uncovering your shadows so that they become your gifts, of shedding the resistances that hold you back of letting go of suppressed emotions and pain so that you can live in joy. Here you will learn to be free to own who you are, all of you, the darkness and the light so you can emerge into your most powerful self.

Truth is embracing and loving yourself so strongly that step into this world courage and conviction. Are you ready to journey this with me?

I Want Truth

My Coaching Isn’t For Everyone…

If you want to stay in your comfort zone, feel safer in a close-minded state and if you aren’t willing to challenge your resistances then my coaching programs aren’t for you. 

But if you are;

Willing to face your fears, release your judgements, let go of limiting beliefs, be committed and open your heart to a life of new possibilities and bliss, if you are ready to do what it takes to become your greatest version of yourself then I invite you to apply for a one of my coaching packages or my Birth Your Bliss mentoring program.

I Want To Apply