“Millionaires don’t need astrologers, but billionaires do” – J.P MORGAN

learn how to leverage the cosmic energies to increase your impact and income, and access all the tools to become a master creator.

in the Sacred Strategy portal you will have access to:


✷ A 90-minute session of teachings that equip you with the knowledge of astrological planning. 

✷ A comprehensive guide that puts the intelligence of the cosmos in your hands.

✷ Templates that you can use as a conscious calendar for creating your unique strategies and planning your action. 

✷ My natal chart guide that will take you through the anatomy of a chart and provide instructions for creating your blueprint.

Every moment you spend working in your business and sharing your message with the world is loaded with potential.

When we connect with our individual energy patterns, we align our actions and intentions to achieve extraordinary outcomes that propel both ourselves and our businesses towards success and growth.

The secret I want to share with you is that when you know the language of the universe, you will know how to leverage your energetic potential and master the law of success. 

What is the best day to share your message?

To retreat versus charge forth?

To begin a new ritual?

To rebuild your business structures?

When is the right time to launch your offers and manifest the f*** out of your goals? 

These are questions you will have answers to when you choose this session.