Discover the Power of Astrology in 2024

Are you ready to harness the cosmic forces and navigate your life with the wisdom of the stars? This masterclass offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the world of astrology as a tool for creation and transformation.

In This Session You Will Explore:

The Power of Astrology:

Learn how astrology can be a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth.

Your Cosmic Compass:

Understand how to read your chart as a guide through life’s challenges and opportunities.

Solar and Lunar Alchemy:

Uncover the secrets of the sun and moon in shaping your destiny.

Eclipses & Retrogrades:

Navigate these significant events with confidence and use them to your advantage.

Practical Application:

Learn how to apply these teachings in your daily life for profound transformation.

Planetary Events for 2024:

Get ahead by understanding the key astrological happenings of the year.

Come together with me in your sacred space to explore the depths of your blueprint for 2024.

The “Mapping Your 2024 Mission” private masterclass is an intimate exploration of your astrological landscape.


Together, we will:

Identify your current stage: Understand the stage of your 12-year cycle and what lies ahead.

Maximize your growth potential: Discover the lunations, planetary events, and retrogrades that offer the most significant opportunities for your personal evolution.

Understand planetary influences: Learn which planets will be impacting you the most in the coming year.

And More: This session is more than an astrological class—it’s a journey into the heart of your unique vision and goals.

Create Your Unique Map for 2024

My session is designed to empower you with a personalised roadmap that aligns with your unique vision and aspirations. Let the stars guide you to a year of growth, transformation, and fulfilment.

I can’t wait to see you in the masterclass,

– Mikalena

©2024 Mikalena Knight