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How to Practice Self Discovery Daily

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How to Practice Self Discovery Daily

‘It takes courage to endure the sharp pains of self-discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last our lifetime’ – Marianne Williamson

I get a lot of messages asking to give information on how to connect with the self and, how to get to know the self better so, I thought I had better write something on how to practice self discovery.

I have gone to write something about this a few times but, after 5 minutes staring at a screen wondering where on earth to start, I have given up every time.

It’s such a big topic that it could be a whole series of books (which it actually will be one day, because I’m going to write them) and, I’ve pondered on where to start this conversation over and over again.

I guess I want to start this conversation with

‘Are you ready?’

Because I get A LOT of women who are going through really challenging stages wanting me to give them resolutions and, somewhat sadly, I have to say that I am not able to give that.

I can give hope, I can give guidance, I can give my story but, I can’t give you the answers for your healing journey.

They truth is the answers you seek are already there within you, you just need to start looking AND be prepared to see what you need to do.

Self discovery can be painful, and dark, and overwhelming because it is the FEELINGS that we have inside of us that we are most afraid of, however, emotion and feeling can move through us if we work with it instead of against it.

If you are sad then cry.

If you are angry then yell (and hit pillows).

If you are happy then laugh.

Don’t judge it, don’t punish yourself, don’t attach thoughts to it. Just feel it.

First spend some time feeling what it would be like to accept how you feel in every moment of every day.

To accept every emotion you are experiencing.

To feel it without judgement.

What would that be like?

Does that create emotion in itself?

When you are ready to start feeling and exploring the deepest and darkest aspects of your emotions it’s time to start doing a daily feeling practice.

The Practice

Take 5 minutes a day to be with yourself EXACTLY as you are.
This is not about labelling it something like meditation or pranayama, it’s a FEELING practice and that will look different every day you do this, it will look unique to you, it will feel as your healing journey should.

This should be as comfortable and as safe as it needs to be so that you do this for yourself.

To start;

Sit or lay in a comfortable position and put one hand on the heart, one hand over the womb.

Begin breathing and fill up the belly.

Feel yourself coming to complete rest against the floor and ground into where you are right now.

Ask yourself; ‘how do I feel?’ or, ‘what’s coming up for me today?’ or ‘am I okay?’

Bring your attention your hand over the heart and breathe into the heart space. Connect to yourself there then open yourself to whatever comes up.

Cry, yell, growl, laugh, groan. Be with whatever is authentic to you because this is where the healing is.

When do you do this? When you feel is right for you. I use this practice when I’m feeling out of alignment and often I’ll do it of an evening because I haven’t had anything come up in that day. But I do this EVERY DAY now.

The mind

It’s really easy to run into thought processes because our mind gets so much focus and energy however, if that happens just keep directing your energy to your hand at the heart and bring your awareness into the heart space.

Are judgements coming up? How does that feel?

Are fears coming up? How does that feel?

Are expectations coming up? How does that feel?

Come back to FEELING.

The Heart

“You are not your mind” – Ekhart Tolle

If you desire DEEP healing and deep feeling then it’s the heart you need to be with.
Unfortunately, that’s also where we feel our pain, judgements and shame however, under that is the meaning and fulfilment you are searching for. There is the freedom. There is purity of joy, compassion, gratitude and love.

Ram Dass said ‘the problem is you’re holding onto unworthiness’ which is what these destructive emotions are built on.

Keep reminding yourself during this practice that you are worthy of knowing yourself, of feelings, of opening and becoming more. If something comes up with these statements then (you know what I’m going to say) be with it.
You deserve to feel the beauty and potency that you hold inside yourself, are you ready to start that journey to being who you came here to be?

Love & light

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I’m Mikalena, I’m here because in the last few years I’ve experienced the birth of a woman. 10 years ago life almost broke me but, somewhere in there I decided that I wanted something different and discovered I had the power to create a different story. I found the courage I needed to rise up from a life of pain, suffering and trauma so that I could embrace my light. I’ve risen from a place where I didn’t love and honour myself into my truth and authentic self. I’ve healed a heart that was broken and emerged into a life of service where I can now liberate women who are ready to rise.


  • Anamaria

    ReplyMay 29, 2018 11:04 am

    Beautifull 💖🙏🏼💖

  • Kat

    ReplyOctober 5, 2018 4:18 am

    Thankyou, this was perfect timing and very effective for me! What a beautiful piece of writing and a powerful tool.

  • Jessica

    ReplyOctober 5, 2018 11:38 pm

    It is so uncanny this landed in my inbox today. I feel as though this entire post is speaking directly to me & funny enough in one of your prior emails I responded asking for basically THIS. The universe truly sends you the answers and things you seek/need every time you need it. It is most beautiful yet slightly saddening that some may never see this very simple fact. Much love xo

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