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My comprehensive astrology guide is your key to understanding the cosmic forces that shape your life and business.

This guide offers insightful, easy-to-understand explanations of zodiac signs, planets, houses, aspects, and much more.

What’s Inside?

Over 35 pages covering:

Foundations: Begin your journey with an introduction to the core principles of astrology. Learn about its history, significance, and how it’s practised today.

The Energies: Explore the unseen forces that influence our lives. This chapter demystifies the energy patterns that astrology maps out through the planets and stars.

The Planets: Discover the roles and meanings of the planets in astrology. Each planet has its own character and influence on our daily lives and personal growth.


The Angles, Nodes, Zodiac, Houses, and Aspects.

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“Mikalena’s blueprint has helped me reframe my thinking & process in my business. Now I know what more to focus on, what less to focus on & what to watch out for when I’m creeping back towards my comfort zone vs zone of genius. Her words & guidance are something I keep in mind daily. Not only has it helped give some clarity in my business but my own personal healing. This is a year of growth & transformation for me & her astrological guidance has helped me further heal my wounded healer & continue on the path towards my north node. Highly recommend anyone with a business speak to Mikalena about constructing a blueprint for you!!” – Ash


MikaLena KnigHt

I am passionate, honest, visionary and relentless in my quest to fulfil my vision and mission.

I am an expansion coach, evolutionary astrologer and business mentor with over 13 years of study and experience in personal transformation, spiritual sciences and energy healing. In my repertoire, I have a range of training and certifications, yet they all have one core objective; to take women to their depths to activate their unique potential, connect them to the roots of their truth and purpose and build their vision as a soul-driven business.

My mission? It’s your mission. I am a coach that helps people enter a new force of ownership in themselves and what they offer the world and take the action that drives their business and their wealth grow.

I offer a fusion of coaching, astrology, self-discovery and energetic strategies to take your business to the next dimension and deliver powerful transformations that are beyond this world. I can also be with you as you navigate the journey of expanding into your vision and goals.