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Essential Oils

A Path To Vitality

Are you thriving or surviving?
Do you desire less sickness?
Less stressful feelings?
Less fatigue?
Less discomfort?
Do you yearn for a more restful sleep?
More balanced moods?
More energy?

What you have found here is a path to creating the health, vitality and harmony that will shift your life thriving in a joyful, peaceful and ecstatic experience in every moment rather than barely surviving every day. 

I truly believe that these essential oils can be part of a powerful journey. Essential oils are not just pretty smells, they get in our body and support us at the very core of our physical and emotional health. The oils take us to a place inside ourselves where we can discover who we truly are, discover our ability to heal (in mind, body and spirit) and support us stepping into our own power.

I live essential oils. 


I chose essential oils because I believe in the power of nature to support my mind, body and soul and through that vision they provide me almost everything I need for my health and well being in every moment of every day. These are natural and highly concentrated liquids of medicinal compounds. No synthetics, no fillers, no fakes. REAL plants.
We get 50 to 70x the concentration of the plant source they come from and, because of that they have a powerful effect on the body. Even science now has a lot to say about them.

My Mission Is Joy

I believe in living purely
I believe in living in alignment with nature
I believe in being the healthiest, most energetic, most joyous, most alive version of myself and, the essential oils I use have empowered me to do that.
I also believe in helping others do that too, so, if you want to talk to me about how these oils can transform your life then schedule a call with me.

Why doTERRA?


I’ve chosen to align myself with doTERRA because;

They provide the very best of what nature has to offer: They source the most medicinal species of plants from places where they produce the most therapeutic essential oils.

They make it a priority to deliver the world's purest, most potent oils (or they don’t deliver them at all)

In all independent testing they have excelled in purity AND potency as the best oils available.

They give millions of dollars back to the developing communities they buy from with co-impact sourcing and, their own Healing Hands Foundation

EVERY single essential oil we buy touches lives. The people like us who use them but also the people who harvested the plants, distilled the oils and brought them to us.

They are incredibly generous in every single aspect of their company from what they give back to their growers, to the extremely generous commission paid for anyone who wants to share these oils.

The opportunity for abundance, success and a 7 figure income is incredibly real.

The generosity, philosophy, values and heart has had a huge impact on me, on anyone who chooses doTERRA and, on this world.

Because every single oil I’ve ever purchased has benefited me in some way from supporting my immune system, my mood, my sleep, my children and my sanity.

I Choose Freedom

My vision is education, inspiration and empowerment.
When you begin to use oils with us you get more than a product. You get a community, you get support and you get a sisterhood that helps you become the best version of yourself.
Let’s talk about how we can make that happen with you.

We respect your privacy. Your data will not be shared or sold.