A session for the legacy leaders

Do you want to experience your soul and channel that energy into your sacred work? 

Are you called to create something eternal?

Formed with the essence of your soul and energy of your purpose?

Welcome to the Mission Mapping session in which we take a journey through your evolutionary blueprint, beginning with your alignment codes and closing with an exploration of how to fulfil your mission. 


What are you being called to do in this life? 

Who are you destined to be? 

How can you build a legacy? 

They are questions we are going to explore.

Let’s activate your blueprint

This session is for the Women who are energised by their vision and mission.
Those who are ready to unlock their voice and use it to contribute to the greater good.

Are you one of these remarkable women who, in your heart and core, possess an unwavering belief that you have big work to do in this world?

The legacy leaders are women who are choosing their spiritual power over inertia. They are cultivating the strength and resilience that allows them to cross edges and they are metamorphosing in dedication to reaching the depths of their magick.

If you haven’t yet found it within you, then in this session I will help you find your power and true passion within, and connect you with your soul. The journey from there? A meaningful existence and business. You will walk the path of your mission and can become wildly successful without having to sacrifice your soul.

With the embodiment of your soul contract your soul, your vision and your wisdom unite, and you become a creator, healer and leader whose contributions will shift this world. Your connections become sacred, your offerings become more potent, you will be recognised in your multidimensionality and your rewards will reflect the change you make.


Conventional astrology is based on information not transformation, but my offer of cosmic wisdom takes you beyond the surface into the depths of your magick, mission and mastery.

We work with your natal chart as a blueprint of your evolutionary potential. We use it as a sacred record of who you are called to be, your purpose assigned to you, and the medicine you are here to offer this world.

With your blueprint we have the instructions direct from your soul and you can use this knowledge to build a business as tower which takes others to their needs, visions and desires. When you can align yourself for legacy and build offers that carry the energy of your soul you can deliver transformations so powerful that they extend beyond this world, across multiple dimensions.

As a human on a quest to your purpose, we can explore what needs to be awakened, shifted, and released you can access your spiritual power and actualise everything you want.
As a leader on the path of creating a movement we will look at what you are called to offer, share and teach, also exploring how to do that in accordance with your soul contract.

This session is designed to create actual change so we will also talk about how to put these truths into practice through structures and strategies aligned with your energetic blueprint. For you this means reflections and practices, and for your business this will encompass elements such as branding, messaging, offers and even pricing.

When you stand unwavering in the fires of authenticity you will share your mastery and message in a way that inspires people to stop and pay attention.  When you exude your true passion and purpose you will blaze trails that only you can.
When you embody your spirit, you will attract allies that resonate with you at a soul-level and are ready for your medicine.

My Astrology sessions Are Unique…

We work through many layers to reveal your innate truth, wisdom and purpose.

I don’t do typical ‘readings’, instead I offer an experience and I take you on a journey through your blueprint and your awakening power, hidden passions and higher calling.

This is the mission mapping session in which travel through the different dimensions of your calling at the levels of Self, Soul and Spirit. We will also look at how your vision and mission manifest into reality in a way that brings beauty and joy into your world.

You will see you and your true purpose. You will see through the doubt to witness what you are truly capable of and get clarity on what is possible for you when you take the leap into the unknown.

The three aspects of soul-centred success…

Your Alignment

The truth at your core. This is the frequency of your living spirit and the source of your power, passion and purpose.

In mastering your alignment codes you will have an unbreakable connection with your Self and soul and have the inner resources to attain everything you want in this life.

Your Legacy

The work you become known for.
This is the path of your career and higher calling and is the source of your mission, mastery and medicine.

In awakening your legacy codes you can make an impact on the world and build something eternal.

Your Fortune

The potential for fulfilment and freedom.
This is the gateway to the fulfilment of your desires and the creation of wealth in this life.

In accessing these potentials you can create a world of beauty and bliss and once embodied you can share the love with others.

This is your unique framework for the life and business your soul intends you to have.

When these three aspects are allied then at a personal level we enter a state of emotional ecstasy, and at a collective level, we can be at the highest level of service. This is where the legacy is manifested. 

As we go through these three gates each is like an initiation that you need to achieve everything you desire to do, create, have and achieve. With each stage you are awakening the codes and the compass to navigate your journey forward, and you get actual tools to create change.

What does Mission Mapping mean for you?

• Knowledge of your higher calling

• Guidance on how to evolve your alignment and elevate your transmissions.

• Attracting clients who are attuned to your energy and are ready for your transformations.

•  Bringing forth your wisdom and unexpressed gifts so you can share them with the world.

• Having the instructions that will guide you to greatness.

You will have the key to emotional ecstasy which comes through knowing yourself, living your purpose and manifesting what you truly desire.

What does Mission Mapping mean for your career?

• A growing audience who recognise your gifts and are ready to work with you.

• Messaging and marketing that is an expression of your soul and spirit. 

• Building structures and systems that lead to more influence, impact and income. 

• Becoming renowned for your sacred work and contribution to humanity. 

•  Conviction that comes through knowing you are offering your true magick and medicine.

This experience is like an atlas of your purpose.

With it, you will have knowledge of how to close the distance between where you are now and where you are called to be. You will have the instructions for your alignment and the blueprint of the business that will hold the energy of the impact you want to have in this world.

A mission mapping session is for you if:

1: You have a big vision but also a deep desire to dedicate your life to something beyond superficial success. You want to build something that contributes to the evolution of this world.

2: You recognise that you aren’t fully tapped into your spiritual power or the medicine that you want to offer. You understand that these will take you over the threshold into sacred leadership.

3: Astrology has called and you insist on an experience that goes beyond the surface into depths and dimensions you relentlessly search for. You know that the universe can help you create more connection, wealth, wisdom and impact.

4: The secrets for fulfilment, fortune and freedom are revealed within your divine codes and, for those who are prepared for this journey of reinvention, when you activate that, everything in your world will shift towards more of everything you truly desire.

The mission mapping journey…

There are two paths to choose from:

You receive:

• A 90-minute session with the recording

• Your personal map in the form of a digital guide

• A 30-minute follow-up two weeks after the first session

In these three additional sessions, we dive deeper into your soul contract and look at the elements you can use to move you forward in business and life. I will help you put these potentials into practice and integrate them as power.

You receive:

A 90-minute session with the recording

•  Your personal map in the form of a digital guide

•  Three additional 60-minute consultations with recordings

You will also receive 3 months of access to my Cosmic Creator subscription

With your mission mapping you activate your magick. You light up your world and you can see who you are, what you are destined to do and what path you are called to take.

This knowledge is precious and powerful and with it you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to come to what may or may not be truth. Instead you will immediately have your power in your hands and put that energy into building your empire and creating a business that impacts this world. 

“Mikalena’s blueprint has helped me reframe my thinking & process in my business. Now I know what more to focus on, what less to focus on & what to watch out for when I’m creeping back towards my comfort zone vs zone of genius. Her words & guidance are something I keep in mind daily. Not only has it helped give some clarity in my business but my own personal healing. This is a year of growth & transformation for me & her astrological guidance has helped me further heal my wounded healer & continue on the path towards my north node. Highly recommend anyone with a business speak to Mikalena about constructing a blueprint for you!!” – Ash



I am passionate, honest, visionary and relentless in my quest to fulfil my vision and mission.

I am an expansion coach, evolutionary astrologer and business mentor with over 13 years of study and experience in personal transformation, spiritual sciences and energy healing. In my repertoire, I have a range of training and certifications, yet they all have one core objective; to take women to their depths to activate their unique potential, connect them to the roots of their truth and purpose and build their vision as a soul-driven business.

My mission? It’s your mission. I am a coach that helps people enter a new force of ownership in themselves and what they offer the world and take the action that drives their business and their wealth grow.

I offer a fusion of coaching, astrology, self-discovery and energetic strategies to take your business to the next dimension and deliver powerful transformations that are beyond this world. I can also be with you as you navigate the journey of expanding into your vision and goals.