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Awakenings from My Yoga Immersion – Part 1

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Awakenings from My Yoga Immersion – Part 1

“Spiritual progress is like detoxification. Things have to come up in order to be released. Once we have asked to be healed then our unhealed places are forced to surface” – Marianne Williamson

On the 15th of June 2018 I began a 4 week yoga teacher training with the purpose of gaining the qualification to become a feminine embodiment yoga teacher IF I wanted however, my intention wasn’t actually to teach yoga.

I chose to spend 5 weeks away from my family and a very large amount of money and commit to the challenges I knew I would be facing in devotion to my inner work and, my commitment to positively impact the beautiful women that I share my work with.

I actually had not done a single class of this style of yoga prior to going to this training. Many people might recognise the term Tigress Yoga which is the mother form and inspiration for the new brand Sacred Female Yoga created by Dévashi Shakti but, no one in Perth (Western Australia) offer s it in either form and so I went to Thailand without any experience of what it would feel like.
Why on earth did I go then? Because I have a strong connection to my heart and the calling was so strong that I had absolutely no doubt it was the right thing to do.

I feel like to give you the whole story I would need to share details about my self-discovery journey and many of the awakenings that led me to The Sacred Feminine Medicine Academy however, there’s too much to tell so, over several posts I’m going to share some of the biggest awakenings I have experienced through this journey.

My first awakening – yoga can become incredibly potent and transformative if shifted from a fixed, strong, yang practice to a flowing, sensual, sensation based yin inspired practice. I am transformed by it.

What is feminine yoga?

Feminine yoga was created to support and ignite the potent, magical, mystical feminine body and, our energy. Traditional yoga comes from a long masculine lineage and specifically supports the male body. Not only is our body different physically but our energy signature is also vibrating differently so while traditional yoga absolutely has its benefits (some of which I’ve experienced), holding fixed poses, sitting for long periods in meditation and trying to bend into rigid structures might not be the most supportive way to nurture your natural, raw, instinctual feminine nature. Especially if we are in pain or in discomfort and, are judging ourselves for our lack of ability or are pushing ourselves beyond comfort to try and achieve a goal.

I have been doing yoga on and off for many years now yet while I felt a strong calling towards it, I had never found a yoga that stoked my heart fire and drew me back to it week after week and now I understand why. What I was seeking in yoga was inner connection and nurturing my feminine current, however the practices I was doing actually took me further away from that.

What does feminine yoga look like?

So now you can imagine that the training I did was NOT focused on a physical practice of learning standard yoga asana’s (postures), like downward dog that the majority of people recognise. To give you a bit of an idea here’s just a glimpse into what it looks like;

• Feminine yoga is flowing and sensual – it is rarely stagnant unless the purpose is for restoration which is aligned with the flowing feminine energy we carry.

• It is sensation based – What does this mean? That the focus is inwards into pleasure, emotion and tension which is felt at the full depth of the experience and released with the practices.

• That pleasure, emotional and sensation is encouraged to be expressed authentically through sound – many women have shut down their voice through conditioning, trauma or emotional pain and the use of sound is not only natural to feminine energy but healing for those who find it a challenge or even painful to express their truth and use their authentic voice.

• It involves a lot of pelvic work exclusively for the female pelvis – for several reasons; one because this is our power centre and there is a lot of healing to be done here and, because women hold a lot of pelvic tension (leading to multiple health and energetic depletion’s) so this pelvic work is essential for women’s health and freedom.

• The meditations and pranayama are focused on the feminine – with bringing connection to our womb, yoni, sensuality, feminine current and receiving all of our own magic.

• The focus is your experience, your emotion and your healing rather than alignment, posture, strength and flexibility – and in addition you are encouraged to work within your own abilities and what feels good for you. No comparison, competition or discomfort required.

I’ve spent much of my life disconnected from my own body, running from my inner shadows, rejecting my emotions and feelings, completely disconnected from my sensuality and pleasure so, this yoga has helped me to heal many parts of myself that I was longing to meet, to embrace and to love.

I’ve been a spiritual seeker for many years, and part of that journey has been healing my own feminine.

That’s why I was drawn to this training.

I wasn’t (initially) there to learn to teach yoga, I went for the deep dive into the feminine mysteries, spiritual teachings, emotional healing, embracing my sensuality, expanding my consciousness and moving into a deeper alignment with my truth.

I’ve been seeking answers for a long time without actually knowing where I’m going, without knowing the right questions to ask, without knowing how to ask for what I am not even aware of wanting. There has been a great emptiness and, I’ve gone to many places (and not always healthy places) to try and fulfil that but through this immersion I have been able to name exactly what I am longing for.

I am creating a connection to my sovereignty, to live in emotional freedom and autonomy, to live my bliss through my own inner fulfilment. My soul work here on this earth is to teach other women how they can do this too.

I left that retreat centre a softer, more greatly aligned, more connected and more complete woman than what I went in. I don’t think I’ve even yet fully realised the level of change that took place in that 4 weeks and, most of that is because of the foundation of feminine embodiment yoga.

I’ve actually become incredibly dedicated to the practice during this training and fully intend to move out into the world and teach it after I’ve had some time integrating it into my life. However, I will be teaching my first class on the 18th of August at a 1 day retreat I am hosting with a dear friend of mine – Kathleen from Journey to Great.

Watch this space for more insights on my journey and, upcoming classes.

M x

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I’m Mikalena, I’m here because in the last few years I’ve experienced the birth of a woman. 10 years ago life almost broke me but, somewhere in there I decided that I wanted something different and discovered I had the power to create a different story. I found the courage I needed to rise up from a life of pain, suffering and trauma so that I could embrace my light. I’ve risen from a place where I didn’t love and honour myself into my truth and authentic self. I’ve healed a heart that was broken and emerged into a life of service where I can now liberate women who are ready to rise.

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